The chrome plating treatment, historically developed mainly for the improvement of the hardness and resistance characteristics of mechanical parts, has been used for many decades also in giving a more captivating aesthetic impact to particular and specific components of motorcycles such as, in particular, manifolds, mufflersand exhausts, rimsand wheels, etc.

The maximum result of chrome plating is obtained not only through the latest generation machinery and raw materials of the highest quality but also by resorting, when necessary, to a series of treatments that prepare the material for an excellent finish.

In particular, if necessary, the pre-polishing of the parts to be treated is carried out. Through these preventive treatments it will be possible to obtain the best chrome plating result both on a technical level (durability and resistance) and on an aesthetic level (brilliance and shine).

The chrome plating treatment is particularly suitable for application on parts of custom motorcycles and vintage motorcycles. Among the most suitable motorcycle parts to be subjected to chrome plating we find manifolds, mufflers and exhausts, rims and wheels, mudguards, handlebars, etc. The chromed components will become shiny, resistant to abrasion and immune to attack by rust and opacification caused by time and atmospheric agents.

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