Choosing the right tires for your bike can be more difficult than it seems. In fact, tires are the only connection point between motorcycles and asphalt and the fundamental performance for both fun and safety in the saddle depends on them.

Here are some useful tips for choosing the right tires for your bike, for learning to understand when it’s time to replace them and for understanding when a tire has reached the “end of its life”.

Motorcycle tires and Highway Code. If for car tires the law provides for a minimum tread of 1.6 mm, for motorcycle tires the Highway Code provides for a thickness of 1mm or even less (0.5 mm for mopeds). Once this limit is exceeded (less than 1 mm), the tire is no longer in compliance with the highway code and you risk heavy penalties.

“Old” tires: signs of aging. There are numerous factors that determine the life of a motorcycle tire: temperature, state of maintenance, load, speed, inflation pressure and driving style.

Regularly checking the external appearance of the tires and possibly identifying visible signs of aging or fatigue such as cuts in the tread, shoulder – side and various deformations is therefore very important.

Come and visit us, our technicians are able to check the state of wear of your tires and advise you in the best possible way for a possible tire change.

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